Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Are You Coloring Your World With ???

It is Sooo Important to Color Your World 
with Beautiful, Positive, Colorful, People, Places, Things,
Foods, and Environment...

Fill Your World with Colorful Sounds, Color, Nature, Smiles,

You will feel such a difference...
Enjoy the Journey
Carly Alyssa Thorne

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect Organic T-Shirts

We will be donating 15% of all Paying It Forward The Ripple Effect T-Shirts to Sandy Victims... we also have really cool Web based Trackable Paying It Forward Wrist bands for people to hand out and watch their ripple effect.

 PIF Trackable Bracelets:
Web Based Tracking, You register the bracelet on-line
and You can track where the bracelet goes as it gets passed along...
Be a Part of the Ripple Effect...

Reconnecting to Self and Others...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Multi-Sensory Energetic Boundaries...



Join Us- Shawn Gallaway, Carly Alyssa Thorne, Jan Salerno on a Multi-Sensory Journey and Retreat for 10 days on the
Beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, in Kailua Kona.

we can also do other dates, just ask if you want to put together your own group.

   Take yourself on a  Multi-Sensory Journey 
and Exploration into The Art of Listening, Seeing, Feeling and Communicating and the Mind, Body and Spirit connection...

Retreat Rates Will include Lodging, Food and All Transport once we are at our destination.
Airfare is additional. We have travel agents that can help with you airfare see below...

          Start your New Year off right with healthy good
       Food, Yoga, Energy Water Healing, swimming with the dolphins, dancing Song writing, singing, learning about your senses: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Communicating.

Looking for 10-12 people that are ready, willing and Choose to Truly Dive in and go on a 10 day Multi-Sensory Journey of self and the world.  

Why 10-12 because everybody will be paired up with one person each day and then each day you will switch partners.  Ideally looking to get 50/50 balance of Male/Female for the Optimal Energetic Tranformational Journey.

Imagine the Following:

***The Multi-Sensory Journey of Self and the World...

***Part Retreat - Subjects: Seeing, Hearing, Communication, Feeling, Energy, Healing, Transformations, Change, Music, Body Movement, Overall wellness, health and fitness.

***Part Vacation- Exploration of where we are at and side trips to interesting, fun, beautiful places...

While on our side trips actual integration of what is being taught... Each trip you will be given something to focus on and apply while we are out and about...

***Private Healthy Chef – 3 meals, 2 snacks – Whole, Alive, Organic Foods – Vegetarian and Some Fresh Caught Fish for those who need the added Protein and or Organic Chicken. Lots of Fresh Exotic Hawaii Fruits, Whole Grains-Quinoa, Brown Rice, Veggies galore.  All Sprouted Grains.

***Body Movement-Yoga in the AM,  Live Music, Singing, Dancing every night.

Singer, Songerwriter, Artist, Muse Shawn Gallaway will sing with us every night and also help you create your own Power song, some fun Art work and more...

                                 Shawn Gallaway's "I Choose Love" song

***Mornings and Evenings of body movement, voice, and sharing...

***Filmed... Why ??? for several reasons:
It will give you something to look back at to see the actual transformations you have gone thru from beginning to end... 

It will give you the Multi-Sensory Album if you will to have forever... 

Watching it will actual help you integrate and process on many levels as you are constantly evolving, changing, transmuting in life...

It will serve as a guide if you will, as we will have all of the exercises, music etc... in there for you to continue to do if you so choose...

                                 Solar Heated Salt water swimming pool

A Bit of the Journey:
***Day begins at 7am with a 15 minute meditation and Chant

***Followed by 45 Minutes of Yoga with Sound Vibratory 
Music and Live Music and or Drummers

***Followed by a 15 Minute Shavasana with Sound Vibratory Music,
Group Reiki, with Lavendar Scented Eye Pillows

***9 am a Healthy Breakfast
                                             ***10-12 Workshops

***12-1 Healthy Lunch

***2-3 Getting Ready and getting Your Sensory Assignments while we go explore
 ***Packed snacks for trip

SWIMMING with THE DOLPHINS with Jan Salerno

***6-7 Healthy Dinner

***8-10 Sharing our Tour Experiences,
Music and Dancing

***11 PM Much needed Rest, Processing, Dream Time

RETREAT COURSE: The Multi-Sensory Journey will be taught by Carly Alyssa Thorne
Here is a peek into what we will be Learning, Playing and Growing about....

                 We will also be learning about Energy Healing, Watsu, Reiki 
Water Healing, Sound Vibrational Healing and more...

If you are a Couple 10% off just contact us directly for price adjustment.
CHOOSE NOW ONE Payment: $2,700.00
CHOOSE NOW 3 Payments Nov/Dec/Jan $900

After 12/1/12 ONE Payment $2,900.00

We accept all Major Credit Cards or you Can Check out thru Pay Pal.
Pay Pal Address:

Contact Carly at:
Please put in subject heading: Hawaii Retreat

***3 Meals and 2 snacks 
***Pick up and Drop off to Airport
***All Courses taught within the 10 days
***Side sight seeing excursions and Day Trips
***We will be renting Mini-Vans- Transportation
***Shore Dolphin Swimming

***Your Airfare
***Anything you choose to buy when we are out on our Excursions.

***Dolphin Boat Excursion $185.00
that includes your snorkel gear, and 1 swim guide for each group of 3-4 people, healthy light lunch, water an juice.
(as NOT everyone will want to go out on a boat)

Wet suit Rental are $10 a day extra

***Hat, Baseball cap
***Snorkel gear if you have it
***Cooler Clothes for day time
***I highly suggest 100% Cotton for maximum comfort
***Warmer Clothes for night time
***Sweater, Jacket 

***Any lotions and or Personal Care products that have strong odors.

-6 bedrooms available
-ONLY ONE KING size bedroom Available first come first serve.
-5 bedrooms with Twin beds, that can be pushed together.
-2 people per Room with Private Bath
-Fully Equipped Kitchen
-Solar Heated Salt water swimming pool
-Laundry Room
-Meeting Room
-Bed Linens and Towels are provided

For Your Airfare Needs:

Carmen M. Perez is our South-East - Florida Multi-Sensory Partner Retreat Travel Agent.

Carmen is the Founder of CMP Travel Counselor, Inc, and the Bounce Back Journal,  Your Florida Travel Expert, Travel Spokesperson, and Carmen is dedicated to helping Women recognize the need to be Priority Number one.

Carmen is passionate about experiencing all that Life has to offer.  Carmen has a unique understanding of the difficulties involved in recommitting to hope and having a well-lived life, after having put her life on hold while recovering form a serious illness.  She is convinced that guilt and stress have no place in our lives and women need to bring their personal needs to the forefront. 

Carmen Perez and her travel tips have featured on Orlando's FOX morning news show, and her blog has received national recognition.

Maria Stefanopoulos is our West-Coast, Multi-Sensory Partner Retreat Travel Agent.

As the daughter of a Greek-born father who loved to globetrot, Maria Stefanopoulos fell in love with travel at an early age. Her adventures in Greece, Italy, France, England, and Belgium are among her most treasured memories. Maria now helps others create their own lasting memories as the owner of Ingenious Travel—a boutique travel agency that specializes in tours for sports fans, authors, book clubs, and other medium-to-large groups.

Prior to Ingenious Travel, Maria worked with American Express Travel and the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. In her free time, Maria enjoys traveling (of course!), reading romance novels, sci-fi fantasies, and cheering on the Detroit Red Wings. You can get in touch with Maria at or (800) 369-8169.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Who is Your Family ?

Who is Your Family ?
This past November 1st was my birthday, and I have to say
I was beyond amazed, thrilled, Grateful and Thankful for what unfolded that day.

Everyone obviously has an original family, a mother that gave birth to you and a father that helped in the creation of you.  However, I truly have always Loved the idea of it takes a village to raise a child for various reasons.

***Some people are truly blessed to have a family that is very tight, and they are close to their Mom/Dad/Brother/Sisters

***Some people where raised as Only Children

***Others maybe didn't have it so lucky and were either abandoned, abused etc...

***Others maybe just didn't have a family that was close at all.

So where am I going with this... Well...

The first thing I would Like to say is a Huge Thank You to everyone that texted me, called, Tweeted, and the Over +300 Hundreds of Facebook Happy Birthday's I got, which by the way I took the time to Answer and Thank Every
one of them personally...  You are all AWESOME...

Secondly, I really want people to truly appreciate, Love, be in Gratitude and Thanks if they do have a family that is close, never- ever take that for granted...

Thirdly, Social Media can be an amazing place to met awesome people that can lead to great friendships in person, business and beyond.  

Realize that it is through a Social Media community mentality that instead of having Love, Inspiration, Creativity, Abundance from one person and or source you now have that from a tribe of people.

Having grown up overseas and traveled extensively and many schools etc... with a family that was NOT close, I always adopted other Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters wherever I went...

This particular Year was very insightful for me for various reasons.
Everyone assumes if You are a coach, mentor, etc... that you aren't human...  No one person is perfect 247/365, I am human and do have human emotions and even though one of my daily mantras and or mottos is to NOT take things personally, we all have had our days and or moments when somebody triggers you or hits a button especially if it is someone close to you... And I am no different.

I didn't sleep the Night of Oct. 31, I had a really hard time going to sleep, and kept waking up and I always like to sleep with my Angel Number Book by my bed, to read the message of the time I get waked up etc...  Anyways, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and flipped my phone over which was on silent to see not only what time it was however; also caught a Glimpse of a Tweet that completely put a smile on my face from somebody that means a lot to me and what they tweeted even meant more to me...  

I am extremely grateful for that tweet as it helped me let go of something on my mind, and to realize how truly lucky I was to have such amazing friends...

I hope everyone never takes for granted their friends and the power of Social Media and how sometimes that very thing You post on somebodies wall or that inbox, Voicemail and or tweet might totally change somebodies day, as You never know what a person may be going through in that moment, even if it is their birthday... Never presume anything...

Special Thanks to:

My Many Adopted Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, and
The Universe... You are truly appreciated and Loved...
Thanks for being a Part of the World's Co-Creation...
Another Midnight Production via Carly Alyssa Thorne

Social Media: Who-Why-When-What-How Etiquette

Social Media: 
Who-Why-When-What-How Etiquette

I am an Open book when comes to my Life Experiences as I have always found it to be of help for many, and I also share about my own personal growing pains, mistakes, mis-judgements etc... as I truly feel we all Learn and Grow thru each other's Trials, Tribulations and Celebrations...

Most don't know I have a deep background in On Line Reputation Management and a background in Private Detective work and research- Thus my Passion with the studies of the Multi-Sensory, the Human Mind, Psychology, the bridging of the Eastern and Western technologies of the Mind, Body, Business, Spirit interconnectedness  within the walls of a computer and the worlds from Poverty to Fame and all in between...  Having grown up overseas, and traveling a lot also prepared me to have a Mind like a sponge and when to be the fly on the wall and to just strictly observe everything, so all of this came quite naturally to me.

I have also gone under cover a few times in intense situations, I of course can not get into massive details and or names due to NDA-Non-Disclosure Agreements and for various other reasons and I only bring this up so I can now get into the Social Media Etiquette title above of:

Social Media:Who-Why-When-What-How Etiquette
This is my Shorter Version as the topic is a Huge one.
I would also like to pre-frame this article with that I am not Perfect, nor do I claim to be and these are just my Personal Opinions...

Let us begin with the WHO:

Who You interact with, within the Social Media Internet world is truly vital to your integrity as a person and for business and most people just accept friendships blindly without doing their homework.

People also just share and post things because they are in Social Media Sharing groups without thought to the outcomes of not only the content they are sharing however also, who is that person you are sharing is about.

Things to think about:
Have you actually gone to that person's page and seen what they post
on their Personal Page, not just their business pages ?

Have you googled them ?
Do you know them Personally ?
Talked via Phone or email ?

WHY: A few Why's on Social Media

First let me address Why is it important to know WHO you are associating with and what you are sharing etc...

Whether we like it or not Companies, friends, and others are actively goggling you, checking out your Pages, what is being posted, who you are interacting with etc... There are plenty of articles out there about it... Don't be naive to think that people in this day and age are not checking and it can cost you not only your bottom line, it can also cost you friendships and more....

Now let us address:
Why you are choosing to Participate in Social Media Groups, Platforms etc...

If You are just signing up to a lots of platforms for a Social Media score and or that if you are everywhere that, that is marketing Yourself, you are fooling not only yourself, others... If, You are signing up for other platforms get clear on Why and get help to delegate so you actually have a presence on all of them.   Now, I am not perfect, I have many platforms, I am clear as to the why, however, I am still working on the delegation and team to manage it in an authentic NON automated way to manage them all.

WHY to Automate or Not automate.
For me: Social Media- The word says SOCIAL not machine... hence
I am not a person who thinks highly of the automation created within the Social Media world.  I have several things to say about that.

One- If you are a small company and or just a Person start small, only take on
the platforms you can honestly handle and hire a Virtual or Personal assistant to help you, that you teach how you want your accounts handled... You write out your own Thank You's, Birthdays etc.. so it is in Your own style of phrasing and or wording and all they are doing is cutting and pasting Your words, and have a list of Key clients, friends, and or family that only YOU handle.

Two- If You are a big company, Hire a bigger Real people staff to handle it.

WHEN to Un-friend, Block, Stand up for oneself, warn others etc...

Now, this is another one that most people truly do not handle well. We are all human and sometimes certain people may push our buttons and in the heat of the moment we do not think.  

Let me say that there are people that live on the internet in a bubble and that is all they do and some are not who they say they are.  I have heard, and researched and worked on many cases of stolen Identity, People stealing other people's intellectual property, stealing quotes and putting their name as the author, saying they have mentored this person or that person and even have quotes on their profiles from famous people endorsing them only to find out they are false.  

Now- here is where it gets tricky: When to Un-friend, Block, and or warn.
A lot of people when they have gotten blindsided, hurt, and or stolen from, just turn a blind eye and I have to say there is a balance to that.  

An example, although; this is an extreme example will validate my point quite loud and clear.  I get that most people like to sweep things under the carpet because they are embarrassed etc... however what if you child got molested by a neighbor and because of your pride, ego etc... you just choose to NOT say anything, you are now responsible for knowing that, that person might do it to somebody else.  

It is an interesting time with People's Psychology of terms:
*** What you focus on expands
***Let people fall on their faces by themselves

In doing my research and talking to people some will say they don't feel they need to do anything because of the above phrases etc...  

My take is this: I feel an obligation to warn, then it is up to the person and or people to do whatever they feel they are comfortable with...

If You know an individual is stealing quotes, lying about this and that, and now has gone onto your wall and friended your friends and is now singing his web of stories to your friends at what point do you think you might choose to step up and say, just a warning, you do what you want, however, I care and I am just watching your back.

In those extreme cases sometimes blocking a person is best so that they can't harass and or just start friending your friends. However, blocking also has it's disadvantages, and some just block to block which I find quite childish. If you don't like someone or something that has happened, just un-friend them, you don't need to block them.  Blocking is for serious issues... 


Bottom Line All Studies show we are Visual beings, so Posts that are Visual with a Message seem to get absorbed by our brains much quicker and with a bigger impact...  Also, A Short Witty Comment with a Link will do better than just a plain Quote and or comment.  People forget that just seeing words and the vast diversity of cultures and people and the phrasing and or lack of can mean a lot of things to different people and doesn't show the emotion of what you may be attempting to say. This is another reason why images are so much more powerful it gives your message context, content, feeling, and visual.

That being said, what types of Images and Posts are better and what ratios etc...
Many Studies, many opinions... and depends on the platform you are on.
Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc...

My personal opinion across all platforms is balance, I personally cannot stand to go even to a Business page and all I see is Check this blog out, check this seminar out, Buy this, Read this etc... etc... etc...  

Yes, Of course you want to Promote what You do, however, people are curious in nature and also want to get to know who YOU are as a person and find out what makes you tick, what your personality is like, what you have done, where you have been etc...  Therefore, I find posting a cross section of things that show your personality, your values, and your banners, blogs etc... shows a more authentic Picture about Who you and or your company is all about.

To Wrap this up I will address a bit of the HOW:
***Be authentic
***Do your homework
***When dealing with controversy, don't just email -words on paper mean many different things to many and also how they read and or receive information, make a phone call, ask if they are willing to have an open conversation of open feedback to resolve the issue. 

***Realize also that in emailing there have been cases of people then posting what you have emailed and altering what you have written etc... not a good thing, be prepared to back up what you have said and why.

***Keep Heated subjects off of your walls, blogs etc... that may cause 
heated emotions and or reactions.  
Personally, I do not post about Politics, Overt Sexuality, My Personal Romantic Relationships, MLM's, and Activism.

***Make sure to set your settings across all platforms to MODERATE all comments.
Hint: On YouTube every time you upload a new video you have to hit the moderate comments, as sometimes it forgets your settings.

***Don't take things for granted go back monthly and check your settings to make sure they are on moderate.

***Post a diversity of content

***Most of all Be Passionate about What you Do, What You say, and be as Authentic, Open, as you dare...

Another Midnight Production
Enjoy the Journey
Carly Alyssa Thorne